green-recycle-symbol-hiRecycling in Rotherham and Sheffield

In the UK the recycling landscape has changed irrevocably over the past decade. Today we, as a company, adhere to some of the strictest recycling guidelines in the world and it is through these that Government targets are worked towards for an environment that is treated considerately.

Always environmentally aware

At Dixons we appreciate the importance of focussing upon the environment and the ways in which we, as a company, can reduce our impact upon the planet. This is not only a legal requirement as a waste disposal company, but moreover an ethical responsibility. This is why all of our processes focus on minimising our environmental impact when carrying out operations.

Our robust management of your waste

As a waste and skip hire company the onus upon our environmental responsibilities are enhanced and what’s more we believe that our services can help reduce the amount of waste that eventually ends up in landfill.

If you find that you have a large amount of waste that is recyclable then our skips can take this away for you and ensure that it is properly processed. These services are usually available for same day delivery so as to provide convenient waste removal in the shortest possible time.

Our recycling processes

Many of our customers ask about what exactly happens with their waste once their skip is collected at a time that is suitable to them. To provide a little background following collection your waste is first and foremost sorted through; our waste disposal team sift out the recyclables, with these primarily being Wood, Rigid Plastic, Steel, UPVC Windows, Cardboard and Paper, Glass, Plaster board and Plastic Film.

These recyclables are then sent to various destinations ready to be re-purposed for new uses. Any waste that is left over is then sent to the landfill.

Providing peace of mind to each and every one of our clients

As an industry leading green company you can rest assured that we understand our responsibilities and moreover appreciate the processes that are both legally and ethically expected to be undertaken by us to dispose of your waste safely and legally. This provides peace of mind to both our domestic customers and commercial clients alike.

Hiring a skip: What to expect

After you’ve booked in with our services we’ll be able to deliver your skip at a time and date that is suitable to you.

Where to put your skip

Most of our domestic clients place their skip on their driveway; if the skip does need to be placed on the road then you will need to pay for a permit from the local authority.

What you can put into your skip

Whilst we recycle all that we can from your skip, there may be items that are, as of yet, not recyclable. You can therefore place the following items into your skip: most waste from a building/office/house/factory etc., including wood, carpet, fixtures, and fittings and concrete.

You should however bear in mind that you should not place anything in the skip that is known to cause harm to the environment (specifically to humans, animals or fish).

When will your skip be collected?

Your skip will be collected as and when you’re ready. If you need it picked up either earlier or later then just let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your changes.

Booking in for our environmentally friendly services

Heard enough? Ready to book in for fast, efficient services that are as kind to the environment as possible? If so you can speak to our Sheffield or Rotherham team about booking our services.

Alternatively you can send us a message via our contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


If you have questions about our skip hire services, waste recycling processes or anything else about our company then our team will be only too happy to answer your questions.

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